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Cartoon series: Mission MeerKAT

An inquisitive school girl Hannah and the young astronomer Naledi are two key characters in colourful comic books developed by the SKA South Africa to engage children (and their families) in the story of the SKA and MeerKAT. A real meerkat also features prominently, along with an adorable bat-eared fox - both animals found in the Karoo.

The stories are set in and around a small rural town in the Karoo and help readers to understand how radio astronomy works and why the pathfinder telescope and the majority of the SKA will be built in the Karoo.

Download the Collector's Edition which includes all three episodes (left) or each episode individually (below).

Download the Collector's Edition:
Includes episodes 1, 2 and 3.
English File size: 5.15 MB

Mission MeerKAT 1:
English File size: 1.44 MB
Afrikaans File size: 1.39 MB
Mission MeerKAT 2:
English File size: 1.09 MB
Afrikaans File size: 1.48 MB
Mission MeerKAT 3:
English File size: 2.49 MB

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