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Learn about radio astronomy

Videos about radio telescopes
Watch videos to learn more about what a radio telescope is and what they do. The videos were created by LADUMA (Looking At the Distant Universe with the MeerKAT Array). The LADUMA survey will make the deepest observations of neutral hydrogen in galaxies ever performed.

Radio astronomy for learners
In much the same way that you tune your radio to listen to your favourite music, radio astronomers can tune their telescopes to pick up the radio waves that come from quasars, other distant galaxies and the cosmic microwave background that are millions of light years from the Earth.

Cartoon series: Mission MeerKAT
An inquisitive school girl Hannah and the young astronomer Naledi are two key characters in colourful comic books developed by the SKA South Africa to engage children (and their families) in the story of the SKA and MeerKAT. A real meerkat also features prominently, along with an adorable bat-eared fox - both animals found in the Karoo.

Astronomy in Africa cartoons
Cartoons to help make topics such as cosmic microwaves, gravitational microlensing and radio astronomy easy to understand.

Activity guide: The Invisible Universe
The EU Universe Awareness Project has developed this "cool" activity guide called 'The Invisible Universe' to inspire young children and students about the 'invisible' universe that astronomers can explore with the help of radio-, infrared-, gamma-, UV- and X-rays.

Space posters
Download posters about the electromagnetic spectrum, our solar system and your place in our amazing Universe.

Other educational resources
Download a board game about the solar system, a book about stories of the southern sky and much more!